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The Beechcraft Heritage Museum is a 501c3 organization. Your consideration to donate to support our mission to foster aviation education and preserve the history of Beechcraft is genuinely appreciated.

Beech Park

The Beech Park campground Master Plan has been on the table and it fits our vision for continuing the growth for our museum. The Master Plan is in place and progress has been made. Phase 1A Showerhouses are underway and we have high hopes to have significant progress by Beech Party 2022.


To completely fulfill the Master Plan dream we need to raise $800,000. We have implemented several phases and have raised close to $150,000. We are on our way but have a way to go. We hope we can count on you to reach our goal and achieve another vision for our museum.

Campaign New Horizon's


Campaign New Horizon's is our annual fundraising program to perpetuate the future of our Museum. As a 501c3 organization, all donations are fully tax deductible.


If you are contributing to the Beech Park Fundraising Initiative, please indicate in the comments that you wish to have your

donation allocated for Beech Park.


Your generosity is deeply appreciated!

Wings for the Future

A legacy to preserve the history of Beechcraft for future generations.


In order to insure the perpetuation of this unique museum, we must continue to rely on planned giving. The Board of Trustees established Wings for the Future in April of 1996. If you are thinking of participating in this tax deductible program, please understand that a gift of any amount is critically important to the future of the museum. While there are many forms of planned giving, an estate planning professional can determine the best method for your circumstances.

To qualify for membership in the “Wings for the Future”, you only need to advise us that arrangements have been made for a past or future gift to the Beechcraft Heritage Museum. It is not necessary to disclose the amount of the gift.

Participants will be recognized as members of the “Wings of the Future” and will have their names appropriately displayed in the museum, if they choose.

We recognize that planned giving is not for everyone. However, if you have an interest please contact the museum at 931-455-1974 or This giving can be accomplished through a will; trust arrangement; life insurance policy or any other financial avenue.

Wings of the Future Honor Roll

Mr. Peter R. Berry

Mr. & Mrs. Alton Cianchette

Mrs. Jody C. Curtis

Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Dedek

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Dyer

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Greenblatt

Mr. Michael Grossberg

Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Hansen

Mrs. Sara Hiern

Mr. Harold P. Hill

Mr. Jack Munroe

Mr. Dennis Nikolaus

Mr. & Mrs. Steven W. Oxman

Mr. & Mrs. Steven W. Oxman

Mr. Charles L. Parish

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Parish

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Perry

Mr. Marshall L. Seymour

Mr. John R. Turgyan

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald K. Vickrey

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