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About Us

A world class aviation museum tracing the lineage of Beechcraft back through the generations.

The Museum began life as the Staggerwing Museum Foundation, incorporated in October of 1973, under the auspices of the Staggerwing Club. In April 2007, the Museum became the Beechcraft Heritage Museum. This change reflects our commitment to promoting aviation education and preserving the heritage nurtured by generations of enthusiasts of all Beechcraft models from 1932 through the present.

Situated in a picturesque campus-style setting adjacent to the Tullahoma, TN Regional Airport (THA), the museum serves as an attractive blend of authentically restored early American log structures and modern museum-quality construction. This 78,000 square foot facility currently houses 38 aircraft, in addition to many aviation artifacts, original pieces of art, and aviation memorabilia.

Meet Our Team

Charles Parish

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Charles L. Parish has presided over as President of the Beechcraft Heritage Museum since 2015. Charles is a commercial pilot with instrument, multi-engine, seaplane, and glider certifications with 3,000+ hours. He has flown over 35 types of aircraft in his lifetime. He is an active member of the EAA, AOPA, Staggerwing Club, The Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF), Antique Aircraft Association (AAA), the American Bonanza Society (ABS), the International 180/185 Club, and a lifetime member of the Beechcraft Heritage Museum. 

Charles grew up in an aviation enthusiast family and has extensive experience in various aircraft. He has served on the Tullahoma Airport Authority; past Chairman of the Tullahoma Planning Commission; past President of the Rotary Club and an Eagle Scout of the Boy Scouts of America where he continues to volunteer.

Charles has a business background with Worth, Inc. sporting goods company and a B.S. in Economics from the University of Tennessee – Martin.

Jody Curtis
Executive Vice President

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Jody has presided as Executive Vice President/Director of Marketing to the Beechcraft Heritage Museum since 2015. She has served on the Board of Trustees since 2010 and has been Editor of the membership publication since 1997 publishing over fifty Museum Media’s. With a B.S. from the University of Tennessee in Tourism, Jody serves on the City of Tullahoma Tourism Council and has been instrumental in propelling Tennessee visitors to the Beechcraft Heritage Museum and fostering aviation tourism in the state of Tennessee.

Jody’s responsibilities include directing the annual “Beech Party.” The 2022 event brought over nine hundred guests; 190+ aircraft; thirteen exhibitors; world-renowned speakers and a record number of sponsors from all across the country. Jody’s calling to aviation is not to be a pilot. She believes her purpose is: “someone had to dream, design, build, fly, maintain and preserve these beautiful aircraft and her calling is to put the people’s history with the aircraft.” Jody is a museum life member and a member of the Staggerwing Club.

Sherry Roepke
Resident Director

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Sherry has presided as Resident Director of the Beechcraft Heritage Museum since 2015. She presently serves the Museum Board of Trustees as Secretary. Sherry manages the museum membership, finances, gift shop, and campus administration. Sherry came to the Museum from a thirty-plus career in Education. She has extensive knowledge of the history and evolution of the museum. Sherry has been instrumental in the museum’s growth over the past eight years as the attendance has increased by 200%+, and the gift shop sales have increased greater than 80% gross sales.

Sherry holds a B.S. in Education from Kansas State University. Family is Sherry’s priority, and she passionately believes that the Beechcraft Heritage Museum is family.

Kirby Totty
Museum Curator

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Kirby Totty is the Curator of the Beechcraft Heritage Museum. Kirby is a private pilot with 2000+ hours; an IA/A&P and owner of CTK Aero Technical for the past 35+ years. Kirby has an extensive background as a technical and maintenance consultant for an array of major corporations across the globe.

Kirby’s lifetime experience in the aviation industry is significant. He has developed and engineered various aircraft projects with the U.S. government and private industries. Kirby has decades of experience in the restoration of countless types of aircraft. He has had hundreds of sales and acquisitions of aircraft to clients worldwide.

As the Curator of the Beechcraft Heritage Museum Kirby has been instrumental in designing, building, and curating significant exhibits such as the AT-11; Mystery Ship; Exploded Engine Exhibit; Creating a “Tour within a Tour” and many other significant projects over the past five years. Kirby is presently renovating a UBF-2 Waco and a Fairchild 71 Pan Am Route Recon Aircraft.

Kirby is a member of the EAA, AOPA, Beechcraft Society, and a lifetime member of the Beechcraft Heritage Museum.

Les Marsh
Director | Restoration & Preservation 

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Any and all things electrical and mechanical were my interests from early on. I got my Federal Communications Commission (FCC) advanced license at age 15 and my pilot certs the week after high school graduation. I am currently an FCC examiner. Attended MTSU in their Mechanical Engineering program. In the mid 1960’s my first real job was at Arnold Eng. Development Center (AEDC) at Arnold Air Force Base. While in the Instrument Eng. section, we tested and obtained test data on many of the early space program systems. My next venture was with a Machine tool company that made components for Redstone (Marshall Flight Center) in Huntsville Al. We made componente for the NIKE missile family (Ajax and Hercules) During that time I also worked as an A&P for Bob Bomar at the Shelbyville Airport. I did those jobs for almost 10 years. I then was hired on with an international R&D company that developed prototype systems and components for the Automotive industry. I served as Engineering Supervisor until I retired in 2000. After retirement, I formed my own small machine shop.


Hayley Williams
Gift Shop Manager

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Hayley works part-time at Beechcraft Heritage Museum in 2021. Prior to that, she was a stay-at-home mom and homeschooled her two kids. As she was nearing the end of her homeschooling journey, she knew it was time to return to the workforce. She has always been interested in airplanes and drawn to keeping her eyes on the sky whenever she hears one fly over. She reached out to the museum that summer and asked if they needed any part-time help, and they did.

She thoroughly enjoys meeting visitors worldwide and sharing the beauty and history the museum offers. Hayley is presently the Assistant Manager of the museum’s boutique gift shop.

Museum Divisions

  • Beech Aero Club – President, Jeff Knight
  • Beech Fan Club – President, Morty Lloyd
  • Bonanza/Baron Advisory – President, Ron Vickrey
  • King Air Society – President, Tom Clements
  • Twin Beech 18 Society – President, John Hess
  • Twin Bonanza Association – President, Stephen Craig


Carl Marciniak

Tour Guides / Docents

  • Bob Hickey
  • Carl Marciniak

Social Media Managers

Charles Parish & Jody Curtis

Learn More About BHM

What is the Museum's mission statement?
  • Preserve Beechcraft and related aircraft
  • Foster and promote aviation education
  • Provide a library of books, manuals, technical data, publications, documents, and records of the Beechcraft and related aircraft
  • Recognize aviation personalities and historical events
  • Encourage, assist, and conduct aircraft restorations
  • Conduct seminars on the maintenance, repair, and restoration of aircraft
  • Promote safety in flying
  • Maintaining the Beechcraft and related aircraft
  • Conduct conventions and special aviation events
Board of Trustees & Officers
  • Mary Lou Apple
  • Steve Beck – Twin Beech 18 Society Vice President
  • Jack Braly – King Air Society Vice President
  • Charlie/Ken Cianchette – Campaign New Horizons Chairperson
  • Tom Clements – King Air Society President
  • Stephen Craig – Twin Bonanza Association President
  • Jody Curtis – Executive Vice President
  • Steve Dyer
  • Gordy Germany
  • Karl Gobel
  • Jim Gorman
  • Michael Greenblatt – Chairman of the Board
  • Dick Hansen
  • Jim Hawkes
  • Bob Hoff
  • John Hess – Twin Beech 18 Society President
  • Ron Hyde
  • Sara Hiern
  • Chris Jacobsen
  • Jeff Knight, Beech Aero Club President
  • Morty Lloyd – Beech Fan Club President
  • Mark/Ron Morrison
  • Dennis Nikolaus
  • Chris Olstad
  • Charles Parish – President
  • John Parish, Jr. – Treasurer
  • John Parish, Sr. – Chairman, Museum Executive Committee
  • Robert Parish
  • Bob Parmerter – Historian
  • Edward Phillips – Historian
  • Sherry Roepke – Secretary
  • Bill Schutzler – Twin Bonanza Association, Vice President “Old” Bob Siegfried
  • Robert Siegfried, II – Bonanza/Baron Advisory Committee Vice President
  • Rand Siegfried
  • Mike Stanko
  • Ronnie Sudduth
  • Thomas Thomas
  • Kirby Totty – Curator
  • Pete Tracy
  • Ron Vickrey – Bonanza/Baron Advisory Committee President
  • Scott White
  • Larry Wixom
  • Joe Wyatt
  • Harold Bost
  • John/Russell Latta – Staggerwing Club President
  • Morton Lester
  • Marge Lindemer
  • Steve Parker
  • Dick Perry
  • Bill Russell
  • Tom Warner
  • Tom Wood

List of Other Local Attractions

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Hours of Operation: Mon – Sat 10 am – 8 pm & Closed Sunday

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Tullahoma Municipal Airport

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Phone: 1.931.455.3884

our biggest event of the year

Beech Party 

Join us for the Beechcraft Heritage Museum’s biggest event of the year – Beech Party! A fly-in like no other with amazing educators, pilots, and models.

October 17th - 19th, 2024 (Registration Opens March 1)

Museum Members | $45/day

Aviation Affiliated Members | $50/day

Guests | $55/day

Youth (12-18) | $25/day

Children 11 & Under | Free