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authentically restored log structure

Louise Thaden Library

In this exhibit, you can interact with:

  • Mrs. Thaden’s highly acclaimed 1929 Women’s Air Derby Trophy
  • Mrs. Thaden’s 1936 Bendix Trophy 
  • Mrs. Thaden’s Pilot’s Certificate, signed by Orville Wright of the “Wright Brothers.” 
  • Many other aviatrix artifacts honoring Mrs. Thaden’s very accomplished aviation career

Introducing the “Hangar of Treasures”

Walter Beech Hangar

Located adjacent to the Louise Thaden Library is the “Hangar of Treasures,” Walter Beech Hangar, which has on exhibit:

    • First Beechcraft Serial #1 Staggerwing
    • The first Travel Air 1925 Model “A”
    • 1929 Travel Air Mystery Ship

Museum Board Member Chuck Cianchette was the “sparkplug” in initiating the

Cianchette Hangar

In the 1990s the “Staggerwing Museum Foundation” expanded the following line of Beechcraft manufactured by Beech Aircraft Corporation, the Twin Beech 18. The Cianchette Hangar has on exhibit:

  • Early Model 1938 pre-war civilian Beech S18D; one of only three still in existence today
  • 1946 D18S “Freight-Dog”
  • 1959 Super E18S “Miss Maine”
  • 1946 G17S “Big Red”
  • UC-45J Cockpit Simulator (hands-on), yes, children of all ages can enjoy!

In 2004 Harold Bost encouraged the Museum to expand to include the 3rd and 4th generation of Beech, the Bonanza & Baron.

Bost Hangar

Beginning with 9,000 square feet to its now 36,000 square feet, the Bost Hangar has an extensive exhibit of rare and unique aircraft, including: 

    • 1938 Model E17B Staggerwing displayed without its fabric covering
    • Model 2000 Starship #49 of 53 manufactured
    • Early model Bonanza ~  Serial No. 9
    • Original Bonanza & Staggerwing Wind Tunnels
    • Model 2000 Starship
    • Early model Bonanza 
    • Several “Round the World” Bonanza models
    • The First Baron
    • The Last Duke
    • Bonanza V-35B “Cutaway” 
    • 3Z Musketeer – #3 of the “Fabulous Flight of the Three Musketeers”
    • Military Exhibit 

explore a snapshot of the past 

Historical Collections

  • Original Beech Family portraits and artifacts
  • Original paintings and personal Beechcraft collections